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    Thyroid Nodules

    What is the thyroid gland? The thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped endocrine gland that is normally located in the lower front of the neck. The thyroid’s job is to make thyroid hormones, which are secreted into the blood and then carried to every tissue in the body. Thyroid hormone helps the body use energy, stay [Xem thêm…]

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    RADIOFREQUENCY ABLATION OF THYROID NODULES Ths.Bs Trần Thanh Vỹ*, Ths.Bs Lê Quang Đình** SUMMARY Radiofrequency (RF) ablation has been gaining popularity as a minimally invasive treatment for benign thyroid nodules regardless of the extent of the solid component. RF ablation of benign nodules demonstrated volume reductions of 33–58% after one month and 51–85% after six [Xem thêm…]